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Get a Landing Page Specifically for Your Listing

“A unique and customized website for a listing showcases the property and its features by highlighting its strengths, advantages, and benefits. It showcases the features by providing relevant information, engaging visuals, and compelling testimonials to make it stand out from the crowd, attracting more buyers, and increasing the chances of a successful sale.”
~ Lew Corcoran

I help you create unique and customized websites that showcases each of your listing and their features.

Single Property Website as Displayed on a Computer Monitor and a Smartphone

Your goal is to sell your listings quickly and for the best price possible. But you know that buyers have many options and sources of information online. That’s why it’s essential to make your listings stand out and get more exposure online.

Single property website can help you create unique and customized websites that showcases your listings and their features. I include a single property website in all of my virtual slide shows and 3D virtual tours. I can also provide you with an address-specific domain name (if available) for each of your websites upon request.

Here’s what my single property website offers:

    • A landing page that contains photos, real estate agent information, area map, MLS information, printable brochure, listing data, music or voice-overs, traffic reporting, and many more virtual tour features.
    • A virtual slide show or 3D virtual tour that allows buyers to view your lisitngs from every angle, inside and out, and explore their layouts and amenities.
    • Unique domain names that can be the property address or any other name you choose, and that can instantly pull up your landing pages or virtual tours.

Here are a couple of examples of my Single Property Website:

At Decora Photography, I know how to create a unique and customized website for your listing with a single property website. I have the skills and technology to showcase your listings in the most professional and appealing way online.


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Don’t let your listings go unnoticed online. Contact me today and let me help you sell your listings faster and for top dollar with single property websites!

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