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The Power of Online Presentation

“The online presentation of your listings is crucial for reaching and impressing buyers. It’s the first impression, the lasting impression, and the deciding impression. It’s the difference between getting noticed and getting ignored, between getting inquiries and getting offers, between getting sold and getting stuck.”
~ Lew Corcoran

In today’s digital age, a property’s online presentation is crucial for grabbing the attention of potential buyers. It’s the first, lasting, and deciding impression that can make or break the sale. As Lew Corcoran, I believe that a well-crafted online presence is essential for showcasing your listings in the best possible light.

Lew Corcoran - Real Estate Photographer - Making Listings Shine Online

How I Work with You

To capture the beauty, functionality, and personality of your listings, I follow a proven process that begins with a thorough property assessment. This step helps me determine the optimal angles and lighting that will showcase your listing’s unique features. I work closely with real estate agents and homeowners to stage the property and enhance its visual appeal.

Stunning Photos, Exceptional Service

Using high-quality equipment and techniques, I take stunning photographs that capture the property’s unique features and appeal to potential buyers. I then edit the images to ensure they are of the highest possible quality, enhancing the visual appeal of the property.

Additional Services

For interior photo shoots, I provide a basic floor plan at no extra cost. For total scan areas over 5,000 square feet, a fee of $15 applies. Once the photographs are complete, I deliver them to you in a timely and professional manner.

Ongoing Support

I offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the home selling process, including advice on how to use the photographs to their full advantage in marketing and promotions. My focus is always on ensuring that you and the homeowner have the best possible chance of selling their property quickly and for a fair price, while minimizing stress and hassle.

Maximum Results

By utilizing my real estate photography and marketing services, I’ll help you realize maximum results from your listings. With my expertise, you can trust that your properties will stand out online, attracting more buyers and selling faster.


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